Heart Attack!

A heartwarming installation/performance.  A member of the audience is invited in the huge dress to open his/her heart for a complete stranger.

As a priestess of love the lady in the enormous dress sends her accomplices the Half Hearts out to find someone in the audience. Each person is asked a personal question: What’s your heart full of? Or: What is your heart’s desire?

If they are willing to talk about this with a perfect stranger, a blind date is set up for them in the dress. The two strangers are welcomed by their host, who descends for a moment to make them feel at home and pour her guests a drink. The mission of this performance is that two strangers meet and get to know eachother. Spread the love!

We performed at Milkshake Festival, Georgies Wundergarten, Wonderfeel Festival, Olala Festival (AT), het Groninger Museum

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