Heart Attack!

A heartwarming installation/performance.  A member of the audience is invited in the huge dress to… read more

The Floating Diva

“…Magical realism, as she floats on the water.” (Den Helder Actueel) Is it the wandering ghost… read more


A green female being floats past. Dissonant sounds issue from her belly. Where are the… read more

White Stranger

He is extraordinary. A hairy creature who never feels at home and wanders around. Like… read more


They come to the rescue during hot summer festivals! They cool thirsty, overheated dancers by… read more

Black Widow

This eerie lady barely moves and seems to glide past (there’s a small bicycle hidden… read more

Fashion Clowns

A performance of clownesque stereotypes based on 3 subcultures: Gothic Lolita, Hip Hop and Neon… read more

Grape Girls

Would you like to take a bite? Three fresh ladies called Grape Girls offer you… read more


Together the two heart halves are a perfect match. With love, they bring people together… read more


Jellyfish Tree


Last autumn I worked with singer Soucie Spogk for a new performance called (for now) Jellyfish Tree. To be continued!read more

A lovingly performance


Last summer we did try out with a new performance Heart Attack! at Milkshake Festival (Amsterdam)and the Theaterloods Festival (Radio Kootwij). See the project Heart Attack! for details.read more

New construction by Bart Sabel


Last week cineaste Lisa Keome and her partner Sonia (from Paris) were filming various hyper- and time-lapses of the ADM, the peoples and their projects. This is a little teaser… read more