Heart Attack!

14 November 2016

A heartwarming installation/performance.  A member of the audience is invited in the huge dress to… read more

The Floating Diva

23 December 2014

“…Magical realism, as she floats on the water.” (Den Helder Actueel) Is it the wandering ghost… read more

Crinoline Obscure

23 December 2014

Three fabulous ladies with fans and a big mirror stride arrogantly through the audience while… read more


23 December 2014

A green female being floats past. Dissonant sounds issue from her belly. Where are the… read more

Under Her Skirt

23 December 2014

A dazzling tall lady seduces you to come under her skirt. She is longing for… read more

White Stranger

23 December 2014

He is extraordinary. A hairy creature who never feels at home and wanders around. Like… read more

Bird of Paradise

23 December 2014

A lady transforms into a bird. Her sleeves unfold like wings, her skirt becomes the… read more


31 March 2015

They come to the rescue during hot summer festivals! They cool thirsty, overheated dancers by… read more

Black Widow

23 December 2014

This eerie lady barely moves and seems to glide past (there’s a small bicycle hidden… read more

Fashion Clowns

23 December 2014

A performance of clownesque stereotypes based on 3 subcultures: Gothic Lolita, Hip Hop and Neon… read more

Haute Culture West

23 December 2014

The giant dress represents Amsterdam West. 34 Women from West district have contributed to this… read more

Grape Girls

23 December 2014

Would you like to take a bite? Three fresh ladies called Grape Girls offer you… read more


23 December 2014

Together the two heart halves are a perfect match. With love, they bring people together… read more

Coffee with Sugar

23 December 2014

The delightful duo Coffee with Sugar like to be around a coffeeshop or teahouse. They… read more