Under Her Skirt

A dazzling tall lady seduces you to come under her skirt. She is longing for someone to move her. Once you are under her skirt her enchanting alter ego welcomes you. She will offer you a delicious drink and even sing you a song, under the condition that you move around the hostess, who is up high and lonely. Will you be persuaded? And who is really in control?

Under her Skirt is inspired by a fascination for 17th century dress. In those days, even though a woman was imprisoned in her dress, she could exert power. Wearing these huge dresses with great farthingales (early crinolines) was heavy and uncomfortable and you could hide all kinds of things under them!

Presskit Under her Skirt (Size: 46MB)
Technical rider Under her Skirt (NL) (pdf)
Technical rider Under her Skirt (pdf)

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